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​​Joanne Caruthers

"I have lost over 30lbs in 8 weeks and love coming to train with Steve at Primordial."

Certified Basketball Coach, Primordial Strength Systems 

Train To Live
You have a goal and you've made the decision to reach it.  Whether you want to lose weight, live pain free, increase your speed, or mentor your team, Primordial Health System and Coach Helmicki will help you reach your goal.  
You'll feel better and look better because you'll be healthier, all while increasing your confidence and performance.
Our clients are lighter, faster, and stronger because of Primordial Strength System.
Chief Neurologist, Buffalo Bills and Sabres sports teams
Kevin McCarthy, Manager - Steuben Foods

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Train To Win
Train To Mentor
Train To Move

" Steve has improved my golf game significantly through his strength training methodologies and I was also able to achieve greater weight loss with Primordial Strength Inc. than I did while at the Biggest Loser Resort. "

​"Steve brought my shoulder injury back from a level of having difficulty during patient visits to being able to actively shoot baskets for the first time in years.  Implementing the Primordial Strength System with the Park School basketball team played an integral role in winning a championship.  After going through his certification and commenting on the scientific detail, if I wasn't a Doctor I would be working with him.  I also wrote an article with him on concussion prevention for MILO, an international journal for serious strength athletes."

Michael Battaglia, Chief of Neurology

 Park Basketball Coach

What is the Primordial Strength System?

Primordial is a personalized, scientifically developed, cutting edge system of wellness and sports training for everyone from 8 to 90 years old. The Primordial System maximizes weight loss, rebuilds muscle and motion, and builds strength and speed.  Coach Helmicki adapts his training methods to help you reach your goals all in a safe, positive environment with flexible scheduling, personalized attention, and nutritional counseling in a world-class equipped private gym.