Executive Training

The Primordial Executive workout is practical, precise, and ultra effective.  In just 20 minutes per session, your work stress is dramatically reduced golf game enhanced, and your injuries addressed  I will customize full body workout that is cardiovascular taxing so you can return to work clearly focused to manage the process of decision making.Training designed for travel and a super foods lunch can be arranged.  100% of our executives report better decision making and significantly reduced stress.

System and Facility

From the warm-up through to recovery, Primordial Strength System is designed with you and your goals in mind.  Each program begins with a dynamic activation and injury prevention warm-up, mandatory hydration periods, and a post-session muscle roll-out for further muscle recovery.

Our facility has a small footprint with a big impact - efficiently designed with vibrant colors and positive imagery.  It is a sanctuary from stress, pressure, and distraction.  Our equipment is a reflection of the best from every era, making the layout and structure uniquely functional to impact your program and goals.

Weight gain is not just about food.  It's also about emotions.  We offer the emotional support that you will need as you work toward your weight loss goal.

Coach Steve has written a guide, Primordial Eating, with you in mind.  It incorporates nutritional guidance, positive thinking, weigh ins, and journaling, as well as great tasting recipes that will keep you motivated on your journey to fitness.

Training Pricing

Individual              $ 34.00 per 1/2 hour 
Session Bundle    $375.00 for 12 sessions
Sport Specific       $ 35.00 per session
Therapy                $ 35.00 per session
Off Site Group      $ 25.00 per trainee
                              (5 trainee minimum)

Eat to Thrive

Train for Vitality

We specialize in adapting our methods for each age group, particularly for ages over 50.  Primordial controls the volume and intensity that leads to pain, while still helping you to reach your fitness goals.  Coach Helmicki has over 30 years experience in creating gains in mobility, strength, and bone density without the corresponding tendon, ligament, and orthopedic issues.  Our goal is to have you live a vital life by maintaining high fitness standards.

Reaching your goals requires physical and
emotional commitment.  Coach Steve will be with you every step of the way - providing you with the emotional support you need in a safe, positive environment.  

For more information on the science behind Primordial Strength Systems go to www.anticoncussion.com and www.primordial.us