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"When my 11 year old daughter, an elite competitive swimmer, started with Primordial Strength we weren't sure what outcomes to expect.  Steve immediately earned out respect with his attention to details.  Within just a few weeks, everyone notices her balance, core stability, movement, and strength improving.  As luck would have it, she developed a debilitating condition that forced her out of the pool for an estimated four months.  During this period, she continued to train with Steve, who spent hours creating and applying a unique comprehensive drylands training program that complemented her physical therapy.  To the amazement of everyone, she returned to competition after just 10 weeks.  Due to the dryland training she received from Steve, not only was she able to maintain her USA Swim Time Standards but in 3 events she achieved her personal best times and new time standard levels.  My position puts me in contact with many strength and conditioning professionals, but it wasn't until I met Steve that I allowed anyone other than her coaches to train my child.  I can recommend Primordial Strength System without reservation."

Katherine Aiken, Director


Elite Primordial Training

This training is designed for the athlete looking to push the limitations of their performance - maximizing speed, quickness, and explosive capabilities on the field, court, or in the pool.  The program takes the athlete through the proper progression of exercises focusing on mechanics for injury prevention to achieve athletic success.

Select Athlete (Age 12 - 18)

Let us build your young athlete's physical foundation in our fun and friendly environment through our signature training methods.

Our Young Athlete training program focuses on improving their fundamental athletic ability as well as their self-esteem.  Research has shown that these are the critical years in skill development, especially for prepubescent girls.  

Young Athlete (Age 7 - 11)

Performance Evaluation

We begin with a mandatory performance evaluation in order to assess the athletes' current level of ability in order to create realistic goals and monitor progress.  We evaluate technique, speed, and strength,  This evaluation is critical to us to understand individual strengths and weaknesses so we can be sure we are working on the right training needs.  We then meet individually with the athlete and their parents to review the results and select the appropriate program to fit his/her needs.


  • Improve Speed
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Agility
  • Develop Mental Toughness
  • Maximize Jumping
  • Decrease susceptibility to injury
  • Boost Confidence

The Primordial Strength System is for the elite athlete looking to maximize their athletic performance. Athletes are put through a customized training program focused on maximum force production through the development of explosive power endurance.


Training Programs


Individual                     $ 34.00 per 1/2 hour session

Session Bundle            $ 375.00 per for 12

Sport Specific               $ 35.00 per session

Post-Physical Therapy $ 35.00 per session

Off Site Group              $ 25.00 per trainee 


Anti - Concussion         $350.00
Sport Specific               $350.00

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Track and Field



Sport Specific Training

5 traineed minimum

This program is designed for the college or professional athlete or the young athlete who competes at the national level.  Primordial has trained some of the best athletes to come out of Western New York who compete at Divison 1 colleges, or in the NFL and MLB.  Training is centered around the athlete's individual needs, recovery, and regeneration schedule.  Also included are nutritional and mental training methods.